GlobalReach Access provides a fully outsourced SWIFT solution including connectivity, gateway, security measures and access to the Alliance Access messaging application. This gives you everything you need to send and receive messages over SWIFTNet and even upload and download SWIFT messages with your back office system if it can natively deal with SWIFT formatted messages.

Connecting to the SWIFT network brings benefits to a large range of financial institutions, banks and corporate treasuries. However, organisations that have investigated the adoption of their own SWIFT connection quickly discover the potential challenges involved and it is considered by many to be expensive, difficult and time consuming. The effort to sustain a dedicated and experienced team to continually monitor, manage, upgrade and maintain an in-house SWIFT system and connection can be an expensive proposition.

The smart way to make full use of the SWIFT network, along with the entire range of SWIFT message types, services and solutions without the need to invest in a private infrastructure is achieved by way of a SWIFT Service Bureau.

GlobalReach Access Benefits

Decillion Group has many years of experience as a partner to SWIFT in both a business and technical capacity and has operated a SWIFT Service Bureau since 2004. Many financial institutions and corporates have taken advantage of the outsourced solution offered by Decillion and appreciated the time, effort and money the service has saved them.

Our team of consultants have several years of experience in implementing, supporting and upgrading SWIFT standalone infrastructures. All patches and upgrades are carefully planned, tested and implemented onto individual test facilities and made available for client test prior to implementation into production.